Polymer Dragon Dice Holder- Orange, Black, and Gunmetal Dragonling: Jagger


Meet Jagger!

***The images above are from the original sculpt. As this is a made-to-order piece, it will be in a different pose, but the same colors. I try to keep each Dragonling different so everyone gets a completely unique piece :)***

This little guy was made entirely by hand! The process begins with an aluminum foil core, shaped into the head, neck, and tummy of the Dragonling. The core is covered in the base color of polymer clay, and the tail, legs, horns, and other details are attached before the entire piece goes into the oven!

After the sculpture bakes and cools, the eyes, scales, and any other details are added in acrylic paints.The finished Dragonling is finally sealed in a high-gloss acrylic varnish to add shine, bring out the brightness of the colors of clay, and to help protect the sculpture.

Jagger is approximately 3 1/2" tall (standing) and about 3 1/2" from front to back. He also holds a matching twenty-sided die! The die is not attached to the sculpture, but it is included in your purchase :)

Thanks for visiting my shop, and please ask me about custom orders!


Please try to get your orders in 4-5 weeks before you need them! It usually doesn't take this long to complete the order, but it's better to play it safe.

Custom orders must be paid in full before sculpting will begin. When sending a custom order request, you should expect to hear back from me within 1-3 hours. Once we have discussed the details of your order, I will immediately create a listing, and you should receive an email letting you know the order is ready to be purchased. After I receive a confirmation of payment, sculpting will begin right away.

Shipping from United States

I ship through USPS. I am not responsible for any delays in shipping due to holidays or any other days the Post Office is not open for business, nor for delays with international shipping through customs. If you have concerns about tracking your package, or do not receive your shipment in a timely manner, please let me know and I will see what I can do to help out!


The nature of polymer clay is like any other ceramics, in that thin areas are breakable. I always package my items with utmost care, but sometimes small breaks occur in transit. I offer a few options for such occurrences:

1.) Minor breaks are fixable with super glue or another strong adhesive. If you feel comfortable fixing a damaged piece on your own and are happy with the results, go for it!

2.) Of course I am never thrilled when I hear that a piece has been damaged in transit. In major occasions, I will be happy to do a re-sculpt and ship the item to you 1-3 days after you contact me about the damages. In order for this to happen, I must be contacted within 5 days of the shipment's arrival, which will be determined by the package tracking number. In addition, you must send photos of the damaged piece when contacting me about the issue.

3.) I really put a lot of time and effort into each and every one of these Dragonlings, and I do the best I can to create unique pieces for each of you and to have them arrive on time and in good shape. I realize, however, that sometimes, you just want a refund. If all other options have been exhausted and you are still not satisfied, let me know. Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis, and are not guaranteed.


I am open to consignment opportunities. Please message me to discuss!

UPDATE: Any listings in the "Available Dragonlings" section mean that there is currently a sculpt of a Dragonling in those colors available to ship 1-3 days after purchasing. For any Dragonlings in the "Available" category, please disregard the item description where it states the piece will be made to order and ready to ship in 4-6 weeks. Also please be aware that the piece ready to ship may not be one of the exact sculpts pictured. Each piece is different. As always, feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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