Because being a "maker" is what keeps me happy!

As a maker, I've always been driven to create art with my hands. Sculpting polymer fantasy creatures was not really on my radar as a career option several years back, but now it has become my full time job. I love what I do! I work my own schedule, and you can find me attending conventions pretty frequently throughout the year to sell my art and to meet other awesome makers. 
Polymer clay is a great medium for me. The colors work much like paints, in that they can be mixed to create variations and new hues. The clay is also amazing at holding detail, so sometimes I really take the time to work intricate patterns and textures into my designs. I'm always trying to push myself to create better pieces with more refined characteristics. I strive to give every order my best work and attention. I hope you are able to appreciate the handmade quality and minute imperfections that come with each creature. It really gives them a nice personalized feeling!

I've done some other non-dragon related work, but these little salamander-inspired critters are too cute to quit. I've been working on developing designs for other fantasy creatures, including griffins, phoenixes, and "fantasy fish." Developing a new design is a slow and careful process while I adjust to a new pattern and format of creating. While these tend to be the most common animals in my repertoire, I'm open to challenges! I very rarely turn down a custom order request, but I especially love unique ideas from my customers. Think you've got a neat idea for an Emizart original sculpture? Make sure to send me a message! I'd love to hear from you :)

I hope my sculptures bring you joy. I love making them and I'm so appreciative that there is a community interested in the same things I am. I hope to keep improving as an artist and to continue advancing my creativity. Thanks for supporting me along the way! 


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