Welcome to the gallery! Explore past projects, works in progress, and other creations. Please note that not all pictured works are necessarily available for sale. Feel free to contact me about custom work inquiries. Enjoy!

Limited Edition "Fall Leaves" Mini Dragonling Series


Custom wedding cake topper featuring Flint and Artemis.





Stella close up.

Custom "Disney" themed order.

Custom "Disney" themed order.

Custom Order.

Cusom Order.


Custom Order.

Custom galaxy-style Dragonling.

Custom Anniversary "Shared Dreams."

Custom Mother and Father with stone nest and one baby.

Custom Mother and Father with stone nest.




Custom order "Naptime" with color reversal.

Overhead shot of custom wedding cake topper.

Custom wedding cake topper.

Custom "Shared Dreams."


Custom "peeking".

Fae Dragon on an orb.

Limited Edition Springtime Friends- Bunny!

Limited Edition Springtime Friends- Chick!

Limited Edition Springtime Friends- Ladybug!

Set of Fae Dragons on orbs.



Custom order fluffy Dragonling.

Custom dual d20 MTG spindown holder.

Custom dual d20 MTG spindown holder.

Ranna, the first, the smallest bell. Ranna the sleepbringer, the sweet, low sound that brings silence in its wake. (Abhorsen Series)

Mosrael, the second, a harsh, rowdy bell, the waker. The bell whose sound is a seesaw, throwing the ringer further into Death, as it brings the listener into Life. (Abhorsen Series)

Kibeth, the walker, a bell of several sounds, a difficult and contrary bell. It can give freedom of movement to one of the Dead, or walk them through the next gate. (Abhorsen Series)

Dyrim, a musical bell, of clear and pretty tone. Dyrim can return the voice that the Dead have so often lost, but Dyrim can also still a tongue that moves too freely. (Abhorsen Series)

Belgaer, another tricksome bell that seeks to ring of its own accord. The thinking bell, the bell most necromancers scorn to use. It can restore independent thought, memory and all the patterns of a living person, or slipping in a careless hand, erase them. (Abhorsen Series)

Saraneth, the deepest, lowest bell. The sound of strength, the binder, the bell that shackles the Dead to the wielder's will. (Abhorsen Series)

Astarael, the Sorrowful. The banisher, the final bell. Properly rung, it casts everyone who hears it far into Death. Everyone, including the ringer. (Abhorsen Series)

Custom Diamond Anniversary couple.

Custom Anniversary couple.

Custom "Story Time" trio for Father's Day.

Custom "Story Time" trio for Father's Day.

Custom "Story Time" trio for Father's Day.

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